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Our Services
VisionSite partners with our clients. We are not merely a web design development company. We hire only trained professionals and engineers.
VisionSite does programming with database supported applications for your internal systems. We have secure forms, and custom content management systems (CMS). We do more than your average website development company - VisionSite provides a variety of services for your website development needs.

Website Design

Engaging designAt VisionSite, we consistently produce websites designed to fit the personality and goals of each business. Partnering with a client's vision and our web specialists' creative and technical expertise, we build websites that are uniquely yours. Your site will be highly impactful, and stand out among the competition. Rather than churning out cookie-cutter template sites, we offer crisp, stylish images with easy to navigate pages and essential, articulate information.

When potential customers visit your website the design dictates their first impression of your company and services. The website design can determine if those visitors stay or leave. A fresh, professional design that incorporates attractive informative content makes all the difference!

We provide a custom content management system (CMS) that establishes excellent communication so that you can contribute as much or as little as desired while updating and maintaining your website. Because advertising and marketing techniques change with your business needs, the attention to detail from our CMS allows for periodic updates that take that burden off your shoulders. VisionSite will continue to partner with you on the website even after it is launched.

We understand that a strong logo and brand design is necessary for your company. We will advise on how to differentiate yours from the competitors. The comprehensive website design and search engine optimization (SEO) experience we offer will give your company an effective online presence that is vital in today's market, allowing you to reach your target audience effectively.

We help you create a unique message, providing expert design and marketing skills to craft a visual identity for your business that expresses what you want to convey to your customers. VisionSite's step-by-step approach involves brainstorming, design, refinement, and market-testing to ensure your logo meets your goals and your customers' expectations.

Once you have a business identity, VisionSite can work with you to carry that identity over to all of your marketing materials.

Website Development

Urban Waterfalls in PortlandIf your website is the first impression your customers have of your business, make sure that impression is a phenomenal one. When you work with VisionSite you have the advantage of our unique approach and years of experience creating professional, interactive websites. We have proven approaches that we utilize to guide your website project to successful completion.

Stage 1 - Analysis and Planning
We will investigate, analyze, and plan aspects of the overall project, which will include the initial collection of all relevant materials, content, photos, etc.

Stage 2 — Website Graphic Design
In this stage, we focus on the graphic design for the website. We develop initial design concepts, including identifying what photography will be used (original photography is best), in order to create the website look and feel. We will set up a special demo location allowing you to view the progress of the website as it takes shape. This allows us to review the concepts and work with you, in order to get your feedback as a valued client, so we can revise and refine the initial concepts as necessary.

Stage 3 — Content and Development
Once the design is approved, we will convert the graphic design into a functioning website, with navigation and each of the website pages, incorporating all of the initial content and photos into the website.

Stage 4 — Review and Launch
Once the website is built, we will hold a final review and testing cycle, with input from both VisionSite and you. We will then launch the new website.

Stage 5 — Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
VisionSite will complete additional basic search engine optimization (SEO) support activities immediately upon website launch.

Stage 6 — Ongoing Support and Availability
Once the website is built, VisionSite will continue to be available to help develop and build the website. After launch we will work collaboratively with you to determine an approach for additional feature development and support.

Once the website is launched, we will continue to work with you to maintain, promote, and update it for years to come. Contact us today to find out how we can help you develop a website that supports your business.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization matters to your bottom line!Is your website easily found by search engines? Your potential customers are looking for you online, so make sure you can be found. By working with the experts at VisionSite, we can help your business get to the front page of the various search engines.

Website optimization and SEO are terms that are used a lot in website marketing. Unfortunately, many people do not know what it really means. (SEO) stands for Search Engine Optimization and is the process in which a website is modified and promoted to appear at the top of the rankings in the major internet search engines. The search engine's methods for determining rank are not disclosed publicly and are always evolving. That's why the professionals at VisionSite are constantly working to remain on top of these changes for you.

Blogs and social media are important and helpful tools to have to aid in increasing the awareness of your company. These can boost search engine optimization (SEO) efforts only if there is already a solid strategy for the website in place, which is why SEO is needed.

VisionSite has the ability to incorporate a wide range of both on-page and off-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, which will increase the amount of traffic to your website. On-page optimization focuses on what can be done to the website to increase its search engine ranking. This involves optimizing factors such as: website code, website content, and website structure. Off-page optimization covers a wide variety of items necessary to increase the importance of the website in the eyes of search engines. These activities include items such as: social media integration, building incoming links using white hat techniques, directory listings, and maximizing your marketing budget.

Unlike other marketing tools, VisionSite websites track your results. Our system reports to you the number of visitors who found your business online.VisionSite can send you regular reports which outline the activities we’ve performed for the website, how the website is ranking for the various search terms, the corresponding search volume, forms that have been accessed and filled out, and website traffic data such as visitors, page views, mobile vs. desktop access, and much more.

Coordinated Branding

Coordinate your brandingA strong brand is key to differentiating your business from your competitors and making you stand out from the crowd. We help you create a unique message and provide expert design and marketing skills to create a visual identity for your business that expresses what you want to convey to your customers.

VisionSite's step-by-step approach involves brainstorming, design, refinement, and market-testing to ensure your logo meets your goals and your customers´ expectations.

Once you have a business identity, VisionSite will work with you to carry your identity over to all of your marketing materials. Areas we assist our clients with include: web branding and design, stationery and brochure design, and email communication design.

We help you to keep top-of-mind with your customers and attract new business through interactive email marketing programs.

Periodic eNewsletters are a great way to keep you in contact with your customers. Using your own mailing list you can provide specific business related content for your customers; we do. For a sample of the VisionSite eNewsletters sent to our clients over the past couple of years click here.
Email marketing is one of the cheapest ways to communicate with your customers on a regular basis. Whether you want to establish a scheduled email newsletter, or do specialized campaigns to advertise specials, email marketing is an effective way to reach out to a wide audience.

VisionSite can provide everything you need to make your email marketing campaign a success, including copy writing, design, scheduling, and strategy consulting.

We provide you a detailed tracking report of readership, click-through, and referrals after each campaign.

VisionSite's email marketing service is: designed specifically for you, written for you, trackable, spam-less, easy to use, and most importantly, customer approved!

Website Maintenance

signposts in PortlandWhether you already have a domain or are looking to find a new domain name VisionSite can provide cost effective, and expert technical support for managing your website and domains. We take the worry out of the technical issues that can arise with domain and email management, as well as supply you with the support and training for all of our systems.

• Website Hosting — We provide monthly hosting of websites. What does this mean exactly? As a web hosting provider, we make websites accessible on the internet through our secure server. In order to have a website, you need a hosting provider and someone to manage your domain. At VisionSite, we do both, at a low monthly rate, with no hidden charges.

• Website Maintenance — We provide more than just website hosting; we also provide regular ongoing monthly maintenance of your website, to ensure we keep your content and information fresh and up-to-date. This can include changes to text and/or existing content, changing or updating images, as well as other modifications to the website. We don’t just build the website; we partner with each of our clients to keep the website current and growing with your needs as you and your company change and evolve. Ask us about our affordable maintenance plans.

• Domain Management — A domain name is simply a name or identification for a website. Most often domain names contain the individual or business name. At VisionSite we provide and maintain your domain(s) so you don’t have to worry about it. We take the headache out of having to worry about, and remember, to keep your domain up to date. Losing your domain can become a big hassle, and sometimes you are unable to get it back, which could mean a disruption in your web presence. Don’t let this happen to you. We provide a low annual charge for maintaining and renewing your domain.

• Support and Training — We provide training for our web based applications such as email marketing and eNewsletters, as well as secure forms that we build for our clients. We also provide training and support for our content management system (CMS) and custom CMS' which allows you to make your own updates, edits, and changes to the website. One of the many benefits of this feature is that it allows you to have the independence you want in making updates to the website once it is built. You are never left alone if you have questions or need assistance.

VisionSite provides a proven road map for success:
• Proven results with clients all over the country
• Experience working with businesses large and small
• Analytical approach to planning and assessing results
• Expertise and guidance every step of the way

At VisionSite we are always here to meet your needs. Contact us today to find out how we can help your business with all of your website needs.

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